The List of Accessories for an Air Frying

Some people can find it useful to work with different accessories for an air frying while using the fryer. Here is the list of such accessories. They can all be found on the internet and included in your cooking process.

Cooking sprays: Popular cooking sprays consist of oil, emulsifiers, a bit of alcohol, propellant agents, silicone, and so on. The sprays are cheap. They have long shelf lives, because you only use a bit of the spray at one time.You may also buy special flavored sprays or find low calorie sprays with, for example, just 1 calorie for a spray.

Cooking Sprays Air Fryer

Kitchen tongs: The tongs are useful for working with stick-shaped meals such as chips and fries. You can also manipulate some chunk shaped dishes with their help. These dishes are roasted vegetables and potato wedges.

When you think about accessories for an air frying, it is much easier and safer to use the tongs instead of a spoon. It is better to have a couple of pairs of the tongs, as one pair is always going to be in the dishwasher.

The best material the tongs can be made of is qualitative aluminum. There are some models that can damage your basket, so be careful when you choose the necessary product. If the ends of the tongs are tipped with the rubber, there will be no damage. Another important aspect is the tongs’ size. Some of them are too big, so your food will slip of from time to time.

The length of the tongs is also very important. The 30 com tongs will allow you cooking at a big distance from the hot meal and the super hot surface. Some models go with the special locking mechanism that makes the process of work pleasant and easy.

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​​​Accessories for vegetable?

Vegetable peelers: Peel your vegetables and then put them into the air fryer to get the delicious meal. Good vegetable peelers will remove a small amount of a peel from vegetables, but most of the vegetables will be preserved. So, don’t worry about throwing out your food, we are no talking about it.It is really easy to use a qualitative peeler. The device is going to be comfortable and efficient in the owner’s hands. You must like your peeler, so choose the best for you and buy it. If you share your kitchen with someone else, let him or her get another peeler, because you may have absolutely different tastes.Please, note that you shouldn’t use the peeler for a broccoli. It must be cut with a special paring knife. The broccoli’s peel is rather thick, so the peeler won’t defeat it.


Vegetable scrubbing brushes: Get a vegetable brush to make root vegetables clean. They have grown in the ground, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see some dirt on them.Some models of these products combine the peeler and the brush. You can also find the items equipped with a very sharp end for dogging the potatoes’ eyes out. Unfortunately not all the combinations often work properly, so don’t be in a hurry to buy another extra-cheap super-multiply device.It is almost impossible to find the brushes with the natural animal or Tampico bristles. Most of them are nylon or plastic today.You should use your brush when preparing the vegetables you want to eat unpeeled. It will be a waste of time to clean up the products and then to get rid of their peel.

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Set a sink of clear water and wash up your vegetables with the help of the brush. You can also do it under running water. Press heavily if there’s a visible spot of dirt on the surface of the vegetable. It won’t take you more than 20-30 seconds for the one vegetable.