Air Fryer Benefits: 10 Reasons to Switch from Conventional Fryers

If you have been thinking whether an Air fryer is worth the expense or not, you may want to check out the Air Fryer benefits. It cooks your food from all angles using hot-air circulation with no oil needed. So the Air fryer has a lot to offer to its customers starting from low-fat meals to easy clean up. 

Whether it is French fries, chips, chicken tenders, fish, grilled vegetables or muffins, an air fryer can cook it all! So check out these top Ten Air fryer benefits, which will make you, want one too.


1. ​​​​Healthier and Low-fat Meal with Air Fryer

One of the precious Air fryer benefits is, it does not fry food using fats or oil. It was designed to cook food without fattening oil producing lesser calories. It prepares food with 80% less fat compared to food prepared with other fryers ultimately offering healthier dishes. 

Thus an Air fryer makes it easier for you to lose weight and avoid health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity and heart attack.


2. ​​​​No Oil, No Grease

An Air fryer needs no oil to cook your food. Meals are cooked with hot air yet giving the same great look and taste as oiled fried foods. Sometimes a tablespoonful of oil is used in Air fryer but that’s rare. 

However, most of the time it saves you from having greasy stains from oil on your plates and finger. And cook without oil also means no mess in the kitchen by making the cleaning process much easier.

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Air Fry Use

3. Fast, Quick and Convenient Air Fryer

Are you short on time to cook? Do you need to make snacks or meal in a hurry? Then Air fryer is what you need. It needs not to be preheated for cooking. Frozen food items can be directly transferred from freezer to the Air fryer. 

As they are smaller than ovens and circulate air around with fans, they cook food faster. It prepares food inside the enclosed cooker, leaving no oil to mop or mess to clean up making cooking more convenient.

4. Air Fryer: The ​​​​Versatile Cooker

An Air fryer not only fries but also roasts, grills and bakes which makes it a highly versatile appliance. One can cook frozen or fresh foods with it or even reheat leftovers. 

You can utilize it fully by preparing your all day meal in it. Having an Air fryer is like having a deep fryer, a toaster, an oven and a hot grill all in one.


5. Cook Multiple Dishes at Once

The modern Air fryers come with a food separator, which helps to cook multiple meals at once. For instance, if you want to make French fries and chicken you could cook both the ingredients at the same time by using the food separator without the worry of flavors getting mixed. 

But it is recommended to prepare similar type of food using the food separator so that it can share temperature and timing.

6. Easy to Use

Another Air fryer benefit is it is really simple to use. With Most fryers you just need to set the timer and the temperature and when the timer goes off, know that your meal is ready. 

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Some other Air fryer benefit includes preset programs, so if you don’t know the right cooking time or temperature you can press the button for the item you are cooking and it will guess the work out itself.


7. Simple and Fuss Free Cleaning

The parts of the Air fryer are made of non-stick materials so it prevents foods from sticking in its surfaces. Moreover all parts including the grill, basket and pan are removable and dishwasher safe. That makes the Air fryer quick and easy to clean.

8. Safe to Use

An Air fryer is free from causing dangers such as fire outbreaks because it comes with automatic shut down feature. Another Air fryer benefit is there is no open flame and oil does not spatter so no risk of getting scalded by hot oil.

9.Air Filter

Most Air fryers come with an integrated air filter, which eliminates the unwanted vapor and food smell from spreading around the house. It will diffuse hot oil steam that floats and sticks, letting you enjoy the food and the fresh kitchen smell.


10. Cost Effective

Buying an Air fryer saves on buying cooking oil or fat, cuts on cleaning expenses and saves a lot of time. Moreover, it’s a good solution to almost all your cooking needs. So, if you compare Air fryer benefits with its cost, you will find much more benefits compared to the amount of money you have to spend for it.


Whether you are a busy parent or an individual who is always on the go the Air fryer will make the whole cooking process easy, simple, convenient and fuss-free for you. Whether it’s a matter of Shrimp, Pizza Rolls, Grilled Cheese or Potato Wedges, air fryer can cook all these within few minutes. 

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So if you are someone who needs a diet then Air fryer can be the weight watcher for you. Overall, the Air fryer benefits make it worth the purchase for anyone in this fast paced world.