Different Ways to Fry and Cook Without Oil

Start using cooking spray rather then oil if you want to cook without oil. Cooking spray is often surprisingly low calorie therefore you just have to have a very small of it to maintain food from staying on the frying pan.

Obtain a good non-stick pan to fry with. It is possible to fry with no oil or fry with very little oil when you have a very good quality frying pan and you’re using a higher flame.A very good frying pan that does not have scratches is a great investment decision if you would like save the calories from oil.

Get yourself a brand new frying pan. Even when you don’t want to purchase a expensive frying pan, just finding a discount or inexpensive frying pan can do just fine. While frying pans are new, they generally have less scratches, and that means you will require a smaller amount oil to fry with. Search for frying pans on the web – you may be surprised how cheap many of them are and they help you a lot to cook without oil.


Use a few drops of liquid rather than oil

You can include just a couple of drops of liquid rather than oil just before frying therefore the food does not stick. You may use plain drinking water otherwise you can use soup broth for meat or vegetables and using fruit juice for sweet foods being fried.

Bake rather than fry

Simply because a formula says to fry, does not mean it’s not possible to bake as an alternative. Try placing a little bit of the food in the oven and see how it happens. Place wax or parchment paper below with a few drops of water so it won’t stick. Additionally spray a few drops of water over the food so that it won’t fry. Dependant upon the food, you might like to cover to keep moisture.

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Get yourself a sandwich maker to cook without oil

An air fryer will work for lots of other things other than just sandwiches. You can actually cook without oil a lot of foods using air fryer which includes hot cakes, eggs, hotdogs, slim burgers, and so on. This can be useful for food items which are not too thick and do not take too much time to cook. You’ll be able to line the air fryer with wax paper for quick cleanup.

There are lots of designs of air fryer. Try to find them online and you’ll see there are several styles to pick from. The few dollars purchased a air fryer is definitely a good investment since they let you to fry without oil.