Popcorn without oil

Popcorn. It conjures up images of sitting with your family enjoying a movie, or sitting with your girlfriend watching a chick flick. Americans love to have their popcorn during a movie, that is for sure. Philip problem is popcorn can be incredibly fattening and unhealthy for you. One alternative to this is popcorn without oil. This way, you can still have your delicious snack while at the same time watching out for your health and not adding pounds of fat to your belly. In this article, I’m going to go over a few benefits of eating popcorn without oil.

#1. Less greasy. We all know that popcorn is a very greasy snack, when you reach your hand into the bag or the bucket, your fingers always get sticky. What this means, is that you are congesting a lot of oil, and this is not a good thing, especially if you care about your health. Having popcorn without oil, is almost as good, and much better for your belly fat.


#2. Heart healthy. One of the biggest problems among Americans, is problems with the heart. We have such terrible diets nowadays, that skimping on anything fattening is only a good thing. Having popcorn without oil, can help make your heart healthy. Imagine if you watch a movie twice a week, and you have popcorn each time, this means that over the course of a year of having popcorn without oil, you will have had a lot less calories and fat.

#3. Less sodium. While oil technically does not have sodium in it, if you’re not having oil under popcorn, you might as well skip the salt too. Sodium and fat are major cloggers of the artery. So if you are already saying no to the oil, you might as well go that extra mile for your self.

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#4. Lead by example. Being a good parent, means leading by example, if you teach your children healthy eating habits while they are young, they will remember them drop their lives. Having popcorn without oil may seem insignificant, but it can help set your children on the right track in their lives.


#5. Keep the weight off. Usually we watch movies at night, and at night is when we do not need many calories. Any extra calories eaten before bed, are going to go right to your belly. Oil contains quite a few calories, so having popcorn without oil, will help to keep your body in good shape and the weight off of you.

Being a little healthy, can go a long way in setting a positive example for children, having a healthy lifestyle and diet, and is just all around a good idea. You can still enjoy a movie, just try to be a little healthier and more self-conscious, popcorn without oil is still a delicious snack that we can indulge in every once in a while. Just Remember, moderation is key, do not overdo anything and do everything in moderation and you will be fine.