Pizza Rolls In Air Fryer

Homemade pizza rolls in air fryer – 5 Minute Recipe

The word pizza itself makes anything sound better, so how about pizza rolls in air fryer? Whether making frozen pizza rolls or homemade ones, these bite-sized pizzas are very tasteful and easy in any air fryer pizza rolls recipe. 

Now if you are wondering how long to cook pizza rolls in air fryer, then know that they can be cooked to perfection in just 6 to 7 minutes. The air fryer pizza rolls recipe here shows how to make perfectly crispy pizza rolls at home. 

The process and the ingredients of making pizza rolls in air fryer are given below.

Preparation time Cook time Total time

10 minutes

6 minutes

16 minutes

Ingredients required for making Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

A few simple ingredients can make the perfectly cheesy and crispy pizza rolls in air fryer. They include the following.

Required Ingredients Quantity of the Ingredients
Wonton Wrappers 24
Pizza Sauce ½ cup
Mozzarella Cheese 1 cup
Turkey Pepperoni (chopped as small pieces) 16 slices
Olive oil For Spray

Pizza Rolls Air Fryer

Instructions for preparing Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer:

With just simple five steps you can prepare the pizza rolls in air fryer very easily. The steps are as followed.

Step 1:

Take the wonton wrappers and simply lay them out on a working surface. Dampen each wrapper with water properly.

Pizza Rolls Wonton Wrappers

Step 2:

Cover each wonton wrapper in about one teaspoon of pizza sauce. Put pepperoni in it and about two teaspoons of cheese. Fill in all the wonton wrappers the similar way.

Wonton Wrapper Pizza

Step 3:

Fold up the wonton wrappers one by one and fold them to a sealed rectangle to make the pizza rolls. You can spray them with nonstick spray.

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Step 4:

Spray olive oil into the basket of the air fryer. Then place all the rolls into the basket. It is okay if they overlap. Set the temperature at 350 degrees F and cook them for 6 minutes or until they are golden brown and crisp.

Halfway through the cooking, open the air fryer basket and shake the pizza rolls to cook evenly.

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls In Fryer

Step 5:

Finally, after the cooking is completed take them out of the air fryer and serve the cheesy crispy pizza rolls with extra pizza sauce.

Pizza Rolls Homemade

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls Recipe Notes

  • The size of the basket of the air fryers varies from one brand to another. If the basket is not spacious enough to cook all pizza rolls at once, then prepare them in two batches.
  • In case you can not get track of wonton wrappers, you can always use ready made pizza dough. In that case roll out the pizza dough to desired thickness. Then using a sharp knife cut them in the size of a wonton wrapper and follow the recipe as described to make pizza rolls in air fryer.

Nutrition Facts

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls Recipe

Serving Per Recipe: 24 pizza rolls

Amount Per Serving, Calories: 67

Amount Per Serving

Protein: 10 g
Carbs: 29 g
Sugars: 14 g
Fibre: 6 g
Salt: 8 g

This pizza roll recipe can make a perfect appetizer for your meal, or can make a party favorite delicious dish for all. Besides, it is very easy to make them in the air fryer than in deep fryer, oven or microwave. So, try making pizza rolls in air fryer because the air fryer excels in it.

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