Tfal Air Fryer- Buyer’s Guide & Reviews based on expert’s opinion

In this article of Tfal air fryer reviews, I state all the features you need to know before you buy this fryer. Cooking is one of the hardest tasks faced by many people. But with technology and innovations, cooking can turn into fun when you buy the right appliances. 

If you want to make tasty dishes for your family without using a lot of fat or oil, consider buying and using the air fryer T-fal FZ7002. The ActiFry appliance is designed to make it useless fat and maintain the original taste when you cook different dishes. At the end of your cooking, you got tasty, healthier meals. Besides, it makes the kitchen experience good.

Tefal Actifry Review Compressed


Some unique feature of T-fal Multi Actifry Fryer

The air fryer T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry has a unique stirring paddle technology and pulse heat system. This combines to cook food to the desired taste. When you choose this appliance, it cooks your food evenly since the little oil used is distributed evenly on the uncooked food. This leads to perfectly cooked food. You do not require preheating before cooking.


Referring to Tfal air fryer reviews, this cooker is finished with two easy operation buttons. These are the on and off button and the digital timer with a buzz. After you finish your cooking, you simply put the machine off to prevent overcooking and burning.

#Digital countdown timer

On the other hand, the digital countdown timer is a unique feature installed to switch automatically off the machine when the food is ready. Every food has its specified time for cooking. You need to know the minutes, the set the timer to automatic.

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#Easy to clean

Many people will buy the appliance that are easy to clean. The air fryer T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry offers this. First, the lead open up fast and allows you to wash easily after cooking. 

Other items that are dishwasher friendly include the filter, paddle and the removable pan. Users enjoy using the measuring spoon to allow the correct recipe ingredients when cooking for a perfect meal.

#Cooks different meals

This cooking appliance is designed to cook a variety of meals fast and easily. In fact, the technology used allows someone in the kitchen to use little or no oil when preparing seafood, vegetables, risotto and meats.


According to Tfal air fryer reviews, features that make it stand alone

#Stirring paddle

According to Tfal air fryer reviews, there is no machine that comes with a stirring paddle. But when you buy this appliance, it is installed with a stirring paddle and pulse heat system that allows food to cook evenly since there is good oil distribution. This automatic feature allows you cook healthier food.


When you use this machine to make food, you will not find any odor coming. This is because the odorless filter that makes the kitchen stay fresh, just as when you have not started cooking.

#Large in size

 Actually, this cooker is small, but it accommodates a large cooking area. You can prepare 2.2 pounds of food which is enough for a medium sized family.

#Safety first

The manufacturers have designed the appliance with a closed cooking vessel that give the user a safer splatter free cooking. The exterior is designed with materials which remain cool during meal preparation.

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What I like about Tfal air fryer

The machine has a countdown timer that allows you to set the right temperature and time for different meals cooked. This makes cooking easier. Mention to Tfal air fryer reviews, let’s see some pros of it.

  • The odorless filter allows your kitchen to remain smell free as you cook
  • The design material used protects the user from burns. You can touch the machine as you continue cooking
  • For those who lack some skills in the kitchen, they benefit from free 38 recipes shown in the manual
  • In fact, you do not have to wait for the appliance to heat before cooking. It allows you to start cooking immediately
  • A simple temperature setting allows you to use the right temperature for different meals
  • Saves oil usage

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Some back-wholes I don’t like

  • Though it is an ideal cooking appliance; it will not last for long. The paddles start to come off after a short time.
  • The price is high for many people.
  • The timer will not switch the machine off, and you have to be there to stop it. Besides, the volume for the timer is low.


The air fryer T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry is the best investment to make if you want to prepare different food and save on oil usage. Though it is expensive, the quality of meals and the easiness with which it provides means value for money. It also saves energy since there is no preheating needed.

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