Are the Air Fryers Really Healthy? Does it Cause Cancer?

Many of the health experts who talked about air fryer health issue agree that air frying is better than deep frying, but they want you not to eat too much of a fried food. Fried meals are still fried, so they can’t be a foundation of a healthy diet.

Some dietitians are afraid of a high temperature the air fryer provides while cooking the food. It is a red flag for them. They believe that the super-high temperature can produce some harmful neurotoxic compounds.

Some experts are afraid of cancer as well..

They can ruin your health and cause the cancer. This chemical called the acrylamide was found in 2002. It can be created when the carbohydrate-rich meals are cooked at extremely high temperature. Acrylamide is a result of a difficult chemical reaction between amino acid disparaging and sugars. These reactions happen exactly at high temperatures.

Healthy Cooking With Air Fryer Compressed

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There are different categories of food that can produce the acrylamide:

  • Cocoa products: cocoa mix, chocolate pudding, chocolate bars, baking chocolate.
  • Coffee: ground coffee, roasted coffee beans, coffee substitutes.
  • Potatoes: French fries, chips, and other roasted and fried potato meals.
  • Grains: crackers, cookies, toasts, crisp bread, snack, etc.

Modern yummy foods are risky..

The risky products are tasty and beloved by almost all the people, but it is strongly recommended by the experts not abuse them. Using the air fryer is making the risk of getting deceased lower, but there’s a way to reduce it more. You can choose the healthy oil to use while cooking.

Most oils we use in our kitchens are full of unpleasant fats. Some of them are partly or even fully hydrogenated, so the amount of these fats is really great. If you eat them regularly, your cholesterol level gets low and the risk of developing the diabetes or the heart deceases gets high.

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Healthy Food In Air Fryer

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What’s experts opinion about oil in food

Air fryer health issue experts insist on avoiding such oils as corn oil, canola oil, soybean oil, and cottonseed oil. They are used in fast food and we all know that fast food is really far from being healthy. These oils are free of bad fats, but when they are heated they can form extremely dangerous toxic oxidation products, such as cyclic aldehydes and some other.

Healthier types of oil include sesame oil, olive oil, coconut oil, clarified butter (“ghee”), and organic grass fed raw butter. Please, notice that the olive and the sesame oils must be used when they are cold. The coconut oil doesn’t oxidize easily, so it can also be used while cooking in the air frying.



The process of air frying is not perfect because air fryer health issue expert has different opinion regarding this. It makes the nutrients in tomatoes, spinach, asparagus, and some other foods less bio available.

The light cooking methods can’t be totally replaced by the air frying in your life. However, the deep frying is much worse for your health, so forget about it and use the air fryer if you are a great fan of all these amazing but risky foods or if you are always out of free time.